[FASHION] Embrace your curves with bodycon dress!

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I'm seriously madly feel sooooooo sorry for not keeping in touch with you guys and left this blog ashy for around 2-3 months. I know, I know I'm terrible. It is because I was busy for finals. Enough of me complaining, lets just jump onto the real purpose of this post

First of all, lets just admit it. Who doesnt want to embrace goodness of your body? I think every women wants that sexiness. As an Indonesian myself I learnt that Indonesian women in the past time pass down traditional dances and also jamu (traditional herbal drinks) to achieve that bootylicious body. How about today? luckily, by cheating with fashion we can make an illusion for embracing and hiding body features we are blessed with.

Lets talk about bodycon dress. What's that? Bodycon is basicly shortness from Body Concious. It accentuate some parts of the body hence the name. Bodycon dress is a form-fitting clothes following body curves. There are a lot designs with stripes, shadows, colour blocking and even laces for highlighting also hiding the body parts giving a feminine impression. Basicly bodycon dress is like Kim Kadarshian's face contour and highlight for body.

Here are some tips and tricks to wear bodycon dresses based on 3 basic body types. I'll give you 3 examples of bodycon dresses for each body types.

1. ectomorph

Let's take a look first. This body type has a long torso, slender body, small bustline, small hips, slim and long legs, and lack of curves. 
River Island
Stripe Bodycon minidress

The horizontal stripes in this dress will give volume for the hips and bust line. Black shadows on sides of the torso will cinches the waist giving an hourglass figure.

Something borrowed
Colourblock panel fitted dress

Colour blocking works the best for body types that lacks curves. Because the different colours will draw attention and makes an illusion of shapes. The navy colours points to the center makes bustline looks bigger but also cinches waist. I love how the white colour getting bigger towards the bottom gives an illusion of bigger hips which is perfect for 
ectomorph body type.

Material Girl
Illusion bodycon Hi Lo dress

The flare is perfect placed right on the sides of the waist trims the waistline. It also makes people focus on the gorgeous slim legs.

2. Mesomorph
This body in general looks really masculine. Other characteristics are wider shoulder, short torso and short legs.

Turtle Neckline Midi Dress

Mesomorph body type gives and masculine impression so let's make it more feminine with the laces. The neckline slims board shoulder drawing focus to the middle part of the chest area. This neckline also makes bustline looks bigger. Straight lace below the waist elongates torso and accentuates hips.

Girl Material
Athletic Mesh Inset Racer Bodycon

Again, halterneck works beautifully on wider shoulder which mesomorph have because it draws attention to the center of the chest and of course, slims wider shoulders. Sweetheart mesh cutout creates fuller bust. The line on the waist creates smaller waistline and bigger hips. The see-through mesh on the bottom elongates legs.

Victorian Bodycon Dress

First thing first (please dont say I'm a realist) what I notice about this dress is the gorgeous pattern and contours body curves on its own. It defines waistline, hips and bustline. Yes, halterneck, again, works wonders on broad shoulders. 

3.  Endomorph

First thing I notice immidiately about this body type is "Daaaaanggg! that curves thooo!!". Voluminous bustline and hips small waist, softer build shoulders and full thighs. Yes, you got me, women with this body type definitely should embrace the beautiful curves they're blessed with. How lucky are they?!

Lace Bodycon Dress

The cross lace line on the bottom makes fuller hips and elongates legs. This dress looks really simple but the curves on endomorph body type will do the rest.

Something Borrowed
Off Shoulder Knitted Panel Dress

Off shoulder is really trendy these days. The pattern on the sides defines body curves and it'll look beautiful on endomorph body type. It also chinces more on the waist creates an hourglass figure.

Tri-colour Bodycon Dress

What I love the most about his dress is that there are 3 colour blockings and defines curves. This also widens and elongates hips. This dress will look sexy on endomorph body type.

So, there you go. I gave you some of my knowledge about bodycon dress and how you rock it on different body types. Everyone is beautiful on their own body and how people rock it. So what are you waiting for? Sexified Yourself! There are TONS of gorgeous bodycon dresses ready to highlight your sexiness by using the tips and tricks I gave you. You can find from the cheapest yet trendy to the high-end style! The pictures in this post I used is all from ZALORA Indonesia. Even myself is tempted to shop there. I put dresses that looks gorgeous on my wishlist and gonna buy it soon!




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