[Late Post] Emina beauty Workshop x sasyachi

Hey internet! Amfiba's typing!

So a really long ago (well, not really like ages ago but being an unpunctual human being for everything, i'm so damn late for this) I went to Emina beauty workshop x sasyachi with my friend, Syarah. I did this because: First of all, I want to learn how to be pretty and cover all of my ugliness. Second, I've never went to any event like this. I was curious how it'll turn out. Third of all, I need to get a life outside of my bedroom with no internet and learning to be a normal-functioning-human-being so just #dealwithit.

The "inviting card" was on my email and I opened my email (Duh!) and accidentally they sent the wrong email and I didnt realized. I'm supposed to go to the one where there is sasyachi in it. 

This is the wrong email

This is the right one
I only read the wrong one and of course I wore the flower power dresscode and did my spring-related makeup because being an idiot as I am, I'm not supposed to wear any make up so I can do my make up there. So here it is

Please ignore my forehead
Well, you can pretty much say that I felt really awkward because I'm wearing the wrong dresscode and make up
*insert sad emoji here*

The event was held at dia.lo.gue artspace, kemang, South Jakarta, Indonesia. The place is cool. My artsy feeling and attitude came out and I was all like "magnifique!" and commenting on every single art-stuff I found there (Note: I'm a natural complainer so that's not really artsy-bitsy, only just the annoying side of me)

I arrived pretty early around 9.30am I guess and the workshop starts at 10.00am.

As an unpunctual and lazy human being who prefer to be at home, that was an incredible achievement *wipes sweat off*

I'm so sorry for the bad lightning and myself being too narcisstic to handle. Dont blame me, blame my phone and..... okay, blame myself. Also, I didnt really take pictures of the artworks because I'm just a plain idiot

As I said before, I arrived early so there was a little bit of time so I grab a caramel macchiato. Yes, there was a coffeeshop inside of the place

Look! It is a cute monkey! Isnt that Instagram-able?!
Finally, to the main idea of the post. The event itself.

I'm sorry for the terrible lightning. I'll do better next time. I promise
Please, pardon my annoying narcisstic attitude

Hey! There you go! I made new friends yay! New achievement unlocked

Everything was sooooo かわいい! With all of the pastel situation and stuff. Like McDonald's always says, I'm lovin' it. I learned how to do a decent natural make up to cover my ugliness and looking fabulous (I removed my original make up). Just face it, nobody's perfect, am I right? Soooo, here's the result.

Everything I used for this make up are all Emina make up Products

For details of all the make up, please check on Syarah's review about Emina BB cream Beauty Bliss  and the event.

After make-up-time, I had a lunch break and grab some food they've prepared. Oh yeah, since Sasyachi was there I took some selfies with her. She is gorgeous!

She is super gorgeous it hurts

Grabbed this goodness. Best lunch?

Fast forward, its DIY time and I made a cute photo frame. They also gave me emina beauty products in a super kyoooot box filled with everything that I used for the make up I post above.

Okay! Time to go home! *sad face* I had a pretty fun time and the event was great, the food was awesome, I made new friends, etc. I would like to go to more workshop like this and yup, I need to get out of my bedroom and see the world more. Here's bonus photos

Left to right : Ka mila, Ka aca, Ka dini, Myself, Syarah




  1. great!!!! Muka gue disitu astaga :"))))

  2. Eh gimanaa awalnya kok bisa dapet invitation? :O

    1. gue didaftarin syarah tri trs cuma terbatas sampe 30 orangan, kita org terakhir gitu deh