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I'm really tired today. Why? Because I hung out with my junior high school favorite people who never be on time in every freaking occasion. Beside unpunctual, we also loves to plan something but forget it afterwards. (aweful isnt it?) But they are still my luvs and i love them so much❤️ I can pretty much show the shittiest part of me. So after my driving lesson I get ready as immidiate as possible. Make up, what should I wear, and straighten my annoying bangs. So this was my make up today.

the make up is pretty simple. This is how i did it

1. I put on BB cream (Missha perfect cover cream)

2. conceal your darkest ugly secrets that you dont want people to see (L.A. Girl Pro Concealer)

3. Prime your eyes, not only on the lid but all over your eyes. (I lost my etude house primer so I used vaseline. It works pretty much the same. There you go, new beauty hack. Bam!) 

4. I put on the brightest colour. The first colour on Coastal Scent's Revealed 2 palette and also I put it on my aegyo sal because I want to look as かわいい as possible with smiling eyes

5. Tightline your upper eyes with gel eyeliner or pencil eyeliner works best (Elf studio gel liner black) it is like a plastic surgery for your eyes without the pain and the money. It makes your eyes bigger. After that, line it downward to give a puppy eyes impression and look 켭타 or かわいい

6. I used emina eyeshadow (I'll explain tomorrow because I'm too sleepy right now) to fill in my brows I also used Etude House browcara #3 because My hair colour currently has Reddish tone to it

7. Highlight the high points of your face like cheekbones, center of your nose, forehead, chin and contour your face on cheeks, jawline, and side of your forehead making a number 3 and dont forget to contour the sides of your nose as well. (NYX Highlight and contour powder, you can also use vaseline for dewy look)

8. make gradient lips by putting the colour ONLY in the center of your mouth and blend it well and put a little concealer around the edges of your mouth. Blend it. You dont want to look like an idiot I also added a different type of lip tint just lo add a little sparkle and gloss to it (Rosy tint lips #4 + innisfree jelly tint)

9. Blush on. You want to look 켭타 or かわいい not like zombie with no colour on your face.

So that's that. Right after we arrived, we went to sumoboo because people has been raved about the ice cream being so good and かわいい Here are the crews ya'll

I ordered matcha Boo! and I forgot what The others ordered. I also forgot to take the picture of their ice creams. Sorry :(

So here is what I ordered

Yup. Throw away that waistline and eat the fuck you want because life is too short to worry about what people thinks about your body shape. Am I right?

and my friends eating 

I went to shihlin because shihlin is like my current favorite snack (might change in the future though...) 

Finished up my shihlin, the girls went around kota kasablanka to tried out Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body work perfumes. They smell lovely.

Of course, if you go to a mall it is a must to visit any store. We passed topshop, pull&bear, Stradivarius, etc etc and stumbled upon Bershka and found the skirts are super cute and relatively affordable. I also fell in love in Bershka chunky Heel

Yassss!! I bought only the flowery skirt one. It looks so kyooooott!! I didnt buy the heels though, I didnt bring much money T^T I'll go there again and buy that shoes. IT IS A MUST. 

I feel bad for the boys, they kept waiting for hours because of us lol. Sorry guys, a girl must do what we must do. 

We went home and this thing is like the crucial thing in jakarta

We didnt go straight home, we arrived at Mira's first and had some chit-chat, a few jokes, laughs, and we went to Lawson to have our night snack. Finally, we went home to our lovely homes

Yeah, I think that's all for me. Soon enough, I'll make a video for the tutorial above. Luvs these weirdos❤️


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