The last day of High School

Hey Internet! Amfiba's typing!

Sorry I havent posted something in a while, right after I finished my last national exam I drove home immidiately, turn on my laptop, and download 4 seasons of Game of Thrones because season 5 is already here ya'll!
Right now i'm still in season 2. (DONT YOU FUCKING DARE GIVE ME SPOILERS. I'LL KILL YOU)


School is over

I have mixed feeling about my last day of high school. Not too sad, not too glad. the positives are no more mean kids, crappy lunches, aweful teachers, tons of homework and obviously, more freedom. But yet, more responsibilities are coming soon. I'll be a college student and I'm surely gonna miss my japanese club, my friends, and well, high school (minus the negative things I typed above). I will definitely miss being a high school teenager with the drama. I bet in the future, I'll look back to my high school years and says "good time, good time..... wait, WHO THE FUCK TOOK THAT PICTURE?!" and reminisce how awkward, weird, and nerdy I was.

Me and my friends had conversation about us yesterday. We talked about our dreams, what will we do in the future, what major we will take, and our (possible) future husband types. All of us will have our own path of lives and our choices. One day, 10 years later, we promised to meet up and already achieved our goals and what we dreamed of. I hope all of us are still there to meet up without missing anybody

Graduation ceremony and prom are coming, I stressed out of what should i wear and what kind of make up it should be. I should be making my graduation kebaya, and here I am blogging about how aweful I am procastinate everything... err.

Sorry if this post is short, I'll be active more and more. I promise:)



  1. Congratulations on your last day of high school! sounds like you still have so much to look forward to with graduation and prom! Enjoy it all!
    Thanks for your sweet comment and follow. Yes I'm following you back now :)

    1. Thank you! XD yes, definitely! I'll post about my kebaya for graduation ceremony and my prom dress also be lookin' fabulous as hell lol XD be sure to look forward to it! I'll enjoy my last moments of High School to the fullest *insert touched tears emoji here*
      No problem ;) You're really sweet and nice<3