[REVIEW] The Sweet Temptation of Instagram-shopping (Rosy Tint Lips #4)

Hey internet! Amfiba's typing!

A brief glimpse of myself, since onlinestores started on instagram, I lost my self control. My instagram suddenly changed into my own virtual mall where I can easily type any freaking things I want. I have 4 addiction: 1. make up 2. onlineshopping 3. fashion 4. green tea everything. 

I always feel like I'm possesed with some sort of demon that keeps me scrolling trough hashtags, onlinestores, outfits, foods, even baby stuff (yes, ikr, i'm so freaking weird) for hours without feeling bored or anything. I dont know if this is a good thing or not, but i guess it is positive for some people and add one more job to easy-slacking-at-home-jobs list. To whoever made instagram as his/her onlinestores and started this horrible addiction to me, I would congratulate him/her in person and give a certificate to certify that she/he is the one that should be responsible for all of people's addiction to instagram shopping. Everything on instagram are just so tempting. Even though you only need a certain things to buy, you always see something that seems interesting and whispers to you "buy me! I'm awesome and you should have me!". Is it just me? I hope I'm not the only one feeling like that. Ah yes, Instagram ruined my self-control system and turned me into hedonism person. That's why I called this post as "The sweet temptation of instagram-shopping"

Yesterday, i checked on my make up stuffs. Just to check what i need and what should I buy. Then, i'm out of my fave missha perfect cover bb cream because i've used it ALOT. I bought it since i was in 11th grade so around a year ago. I bought it also at instagram beauty onlineshop (i forgot the which online shop, sorry:( ) It contains a good amount of product for Rp 180.000. 

My old missha perfect cover bb cream. I feel sorry i tortured you, container:(

I decided to repurchase it again on instagram. I stumbled upon (locked onlineshop). It was a pretty good deal it cost only Rp 162.000. And of course, being an easy-sold-to-stuff kind of girl, i also bought rosy tint lips #4 sweet poison costs Rp 98.000. The admin service is really nice and friendly. I ordered it yesterday around 15.00 and it arrived at my home today at 13.00 so you can pretty much say it is quite fast for regular shipping. I'm satisfied with the service and all, I'll buy some more korean beauty stuff there in the future.

what I bought

I immediately tried on the rosy lip tint because being patient isnt my skill.

Packaging: it is tiny with tapered flat point made out of plastic. The box (I forgot to take a photo of it:( ) is flowery. The cap is white. Everything is cute

Took a pic AFTER I used it, not before. Because I'm a rebel ya'll.

When i applied the product, i knew right away that this thing is perfect for you who loves that korean make up gradient lips because the tip has some sort of soft fur that makes you easier to achieve that gradient korean lip look.

Pardon my ugly uneven skin

How to achieve that? easy.
1. Apply the product ONLY on the inner part of your lips and pat gently with the furry tip (only on the inner part, not outside) 
2. Put on your bb cream/foundation/concealer to the edges of your lips and blend
3. Voila! gradient lips!

I was curious and I put the remaining product on to my cheeks. Surprisingly, the colour is really cute to be a blush and gives you that romantic glow to your cheeks.

Yes, the picture is taken with chrome filter from iPhone camera. You happy now?

Colour payoff is pretty good and buildable. At first, i thought it'll be sheer but it isnt. It also looks great on cheek as a blush on, this thing will totally be handy whenever I'm travelling.

Ew, to my awkward wink

Overall, i love this product. The colour payoff, how multitasking it is, and how easy it applies. I dont have any cons to this product and I might be purchasing other colours. I saw on youtube beauty gurus said the cutest colours are #1 before blossom, #5 baby peony, #7 tea rose, and #8 after blossom. I guess that sums up my review.

amfiba signing out
Bye creatures!


  1. I love using Rosy Tint Lips though it's kinda drying on my lips :D

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. yeah, i know right? :( after a few times a use this i finally realized i should use a lipbalm because it is so drying T^T