12th grade students problems (Part 1)

hey internet! amfiba's talking here!

holy batman, how long did I ignore my blog?!
My last post was on January and now it is the 1st of April. The day where everyone suddenly become annoying trolls whether it is online or offline.
Why I havent touch my blog these days? the reason is really simple
because as an Indonesian 12th grade student of high school that-supposed-to-cram-and-frustated-towards-exams I study quite hard

pfffttt... yeah right
studying what? studying about what is happening on the internet and stalking? sure, why not
instead of studying (right now, like right this second I type and post this) I log on to all of my social medias (especially youtube, I really need to check on my Youtubers) and procastinate EEEEEERRRTHANG like finishing my national exam preparation books and stuff 

*slow claps*


good job...

such a basic student

am I a good role? no? ok.

so, National Exam will be here in 2 weeks. After that, there will be break for a week and back to the raging hell. Yup, you guessed it right. I gotta go study for SBMPTN (Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri) right after the short break. I think it is kind of aweful but if I put big effort to it, everything will be worth it. Besides, this exam will determine my future and will decide which starter platform will be for my entire career life. ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung/Bandung Technology Institute) is my big aim to continue my higher education. I can pretty much say that "All or Nothing" will be my motto for the rest of the remaining time until I take the actual SBMPTN Ironically.....
I said all of those shit above and here i am, still surfing through the internet. Not studying at all like freaking AT ALL.
*insert related meme here*

I bet I'm not the only one who struggles about studying. Please say yes, student fellas? anybody out there? hello?
Suddenly my brain had rainbow diarrhea while typing this post due to this problems.
I. Just. Need. To. Get. It. Out.

Bad in this areal
How to study to appeal
The struggles is real
I dont know how to deal
Expeactations are surreal
Cant enjoy my meal
Aint good as the cereal

Everytime I'm having problems my brain just suddenly makes this kind of thing. Drop the beat into it and I'll rhyme. That's how my scumbag brain works. Way to go brain, you're not helping AT ALL. Thank you so much for doing nothing.
Rapper skills much? I dont even know. but probably yes. I wanted to be a rapper though

What was I talking about?
Okay, back to the topic
Besides, school and extra courses studying method always makes me bored easily. I'm still finding my own effective method of studying by myself. I found a view methods that I guess its kind of work. First,make every analogism to basic-teenagers-life. Second, give me everything what to learn (especially quizzes) and leave me alone for about 3-4 days and i'll be back with billions of questions and whoever teaches me MUST KNOW THE ANSWER if not, I wont be happy, nope, there's no single fuck of excuses will be given. And lastly,I study through internet (YASSS GOOGLE&WIKIPEDIA YAASSS. STUDENTS' BESTS FRIEND IN THE WHOLE GALAXY) video, posts, audio, yahooask, forums, discussion, yada yada you name it is pretty effective for me. But I find the first method (analogism) works the best. I know how things works and stuff I learned in physics (Which i'm suck at) only by remembering shit teenagers do. Worth to try it.

Okay, that's the two of 12th grade students' problems about exams and studying. I already put it out there. Next thing is decisions. ohh yes, Life is full of choices. Choosing what major you'll study and university you will enter is damn crucial. My alumni(s) always reminds me to choose possible major that I can enter and I really enjoy. Based on what they've seen from their friends, there are lots of people who dropped out of their higher education and ended up wasted money they've spent on their education just because they dont like the major they took. Hearing this case is OF COURSE very intimidating. PLEAASEEE DONT LET ME BE THE ONLY ONE WHO ARE BAD AT TAKING DECISIONS FOR GOD SAKE. First of all, I already knew that I want to be a medschool student and please my parents asses but fortunately, I started to realise that this is my life not them so I should be anything I want. am I right? After that, I want to enter Art and Design major since I pretty much love art and beauty in general. I told my parents, and both of them


 and I was like

WHY PARENTS WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!? Not being racist or anything but that asian dad meme also happened on most of my friends' cases when it comes to education. Sad? absolutely. Because i dont want to be a dishonor for the family and my choosing is finally come to an end. I love chemistry, food, and biology sooooooooo much. Therefore, I'll take chemical engineering (focused on Food Technology) or biochemistry major. I guess that'll be the best of both worlds of me and my parents. My goal is to study chemical engineering at ITB. So yeah, wish me luck!

Despite of all my brain's diarrhea and farts I typed above, I have advices for all senior year students (or soon to be). First, please make your target for what you believe you are skilled in and ask some suggestion from teachers, alumnis, adults, college students, older people or whatever (dont ask your pet, you're a sick motherfucker if you do that and it'll be useless). Second, make a study schedule and methods based on which fits your personality best. Third, exercise on previous years papers or you can even download exercise papers online it'll be easier. Lastly, DONT PROCASTINATE! after reading this post just get the fuck out of internet and study. Got it?

ANYWAAAAAYYYY~ I went to Emina beauty workshop x sasyachi with my friend, syarah (here's her blog ) she did a review on emina's products so please check that out. emina is indonesian beauty brand that will have its debut this April. This brand will be a bomb. Just, trust me, it is sooo worth it. You'll love it. Emina has high quality products in my opinion.

 There'll might be a part 2 for this soon. Just hope I dont get an amnesia or be forgetful just like dori from finding nemo

For bonus, here is what the internet loves. Cats, meme, and disney
 This picture is more fab and she/he is prettier than me #rekt


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